Success Stories

From 2000, E-LIP is very successful in providing trainings and assisting the overseas training and studies programs. Hundred's of nurses and migrants assisted by us are now calling Australia their home. Till today our success rate is 98% + in visa assistance and admission to Overseas Universities. The strength is that we are using overseas professionals and agencies for our services. They provide these services with quality and integrity. You can be sure about 'what we say is what we deliver'. What we say is what we give you in writing on a formal agreement form. That is our assurance. You may read our clients' testimonials which are your assurance that one day you can achieve this too. We always consider your success as your success; For example, an average slary for a Nurse in India is Rs.6000- 9000/- . Please read below the success of a Nurse in 2-3 years.

What is a Success ?
We always consider your success as our success

Yes you can Do IT

All our clients who has gone through us has achieved all these within one, two or three years. Yes, that is a real success. Yes!!! you can achieve that within three years that you achieve in thirty years in your county. That is where the difference and the 'dollar difference'. We welcome you to jojn us to be with us and be successful in any of or many of the above. We need smart, intelligent people with determination and commitment to be successul in their life. Be ahead of others by leaping like Kangaroo from the current position. It is a very big leap of 30 times.


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