Study & Migrrate

Be a part of this intelligent and rich country by being smart to enrol in one of the leading Universities to earn a qualification that is acceptable all around the world. Contact our international student councillor and make that decision to be smart. If you have a letter offer we can do electronic lodgement as well. Come and talk to us.

Study in Australia & Migrate for best future

ELIP offers a wide range of services to students who wish to study abroad and later to apply for permanent residence. Visit our flow Chart.  ELIP ACADEMY WILL SHEPHERD YOU UNTIL YOU REACH THE DESTINATION.

Educational Program

Our educational program includes admission to educational institutions for a variety of courses, certificates, diploma, degree and postgraduate studies.
We provide admission to different Universities according to the subjects selected. We are agents for many Australian Universities.


There are some bridging coursers for Nurses to qualify them to Register with Victorian Nurses Board. Then qualify for PR.

Student Visa

Students are given with special concession in their point test and now Australia would like to retain the skilled and the intelligent. Students can apply from here and special concessions with bonus points are a big plus for students.
The number of overseas students in Australia has been growing at around 20% per year and there are around 190,000 Student in Australia. Many overseas countries recognises that Australia has a well developed and high quality education system.
Students are allowed to work for 20 hours during the term and as much as during vacations. Members of the family unit are also allowed to work. If a student is doing a Masters degree or a Doctorate degree, family members have unrestricted work rights. In the USA students can only work, on campus. To keep a student visa the student must maintain 80% attendance and fulfil course requirements.
However students are obliged to have adequate and required attendance and performance stipulated by institute. Students are required to maintain adequate health cover for the length of the course.
In Australia, Canada, and NZ students are allowed to stay back for another 2-3 years for work or study. This special visa will allow them to improve their English Language efficency and score enough points with work experience.


We assist to get enrollment in the selected course for the student, considering their ability, finance, English proficiency and career motivation. We assist them with student visa processing.
Those who complete the course here are assisted with application for PR, transfer of courses, job placement including overseas countries such as US and England, immigration and online education facilities

Nursing and similar courses 

Australia is a rich and intelligent country. Be one of the smart who gained education and earning an income of Rs.50 Lkhs or above per year. Be rich and intelligent. This course specially designed for you. Eligible to earn 75 points to migrate.

Entry requirement. English –Proficiency, ILETS 6.00 or above  year 12 (+2) or equivalent
Diploma of /Degree/Business – Accounting-/ Nursing Study in India then Australia

These courses are recognised in Australia and is developed in conjunction with an Australian institute whereby students receive the same learning conditions and knowledge as if they where studying in Australia. This gives students skills highly sought by employers including exceptional English, and an in-depth knowledge of business operations in an international context. Students wishing to go on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree overseas are able to gain credit towards their degree at Universities around the world including 1 year in India then credit to a prominent University in Australia. No IELTS to commence in India. Visa processing  fee and IELTS Tuition fee is refunded after you arrive in Austrlia for eligible students.

University study For Degree in Nursing,  3 year degree courses BN , Conversion courses for BSc. Nurses

Study in a leading university to earn a tertiary or post graduate qualification. Many Universities and courses to choose from that suits you. This will give you registration and a job. OR any other degree in any University. Admission guaranteed. Chose the University and  the course wisely. Otherwise you will waste your time and money. This is happening widely by going through agents who has no idea about the country and their policies, job opportunities. Get advice from senior migrants who were in that country for more than 10 years. This is very very important.

Visa processing

For all type of visa processing, including electronic visa processing, advice and guidelines contact us. For On-Line consultation please book with one of our centres. Our success rate is 98% and we guarantee professional and quality service. For full details visit our office below or send an email through our website.

Guidelines For Students

The choice of what, where and when to study can be confusing. We provide you with up to date information on quality schools, colleges and Universities to suit your goals and budget We advise you and will promptly answer questions on tuition fees, entrance requirements, starting dates, facilities, class sizes, etc. And if you need help with your student visa application we can help there too. Students and their families are allowed to work, so to help you get a job you can also have your qualifications and references translated by our accredited translators.

To guarantee quality courses must be approved by the government before they can be included on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Tuition fees must be placed in a trust account and can only be drawn down according to government guidelines.

The student first enrols in the school and then takes their acceptance letter to the nearest Australian Embassy to apply for the visa. The student visa application fee vary country to country. These fees are non-refundable in the case that the application is unsuccessful. An application may be rejected if the Immigration officer does not believe that the applicant is a genuine student or if the student does not have enough money to support themselves during their stay.

Application costs and processing charges

There are a number of costs to be paid to the Department of Immigration, medical examination Skill assessment charges, translations, English examination, Assurance of support, professionals fees- registered migration agent. The fees that are applicable in your case will be clearly advised after the free initial assessment. 
For other details and free counselling and admission contact Elip by making an appoint with our counsellor. They are experienced and having 18 years of experience.


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