OET CLasses Commenced In KOCHI



This course is for Nurses, Dentists, Doctors, Veterinary Scientists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Speech Pathologists and other health related professionals

E-LIP ACADEMY in India is the pioneer (Thomas Mathew, MBus.Marketing and TESOL) in this venture and is providing OET preparation for Health professionals for the last 17years in India. First it was in 2001, Calcutta from where all graduated in OET and registered in Australia for Nursing. Thomas Mathew, a post graduate in Business and Marketing and International English Teacher with TESOL, in association with Language Australia and British council arranged the OET Exam in Kolkota and after which in Bangalore and Chennai as well. The institute in India is managed and affiliated to E-LIP Australia. The teaching materials are developed in conjunction with E-LIP AUSTRALIA so that students are able to experience study in Australia without having to leave India. OET intake every 3 months, a unique English language programmed for health professionals.

Who is this course for?
OET is for health professionals who intend to migrate for training, studies or jobs in Australia. This course is for Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Veterinary Scientists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists and other health related professionals.
What is the objective of this course?
The course is for advanced level language learners who wish to sit for the OET Exam. The course focuses on improving the English Language skills that is required to communicate within the health care work environment. Excellent English Language skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening is required in Australia for patient consultations and patient management. The intensive preparation includes ole plays practiced, practice of reading tests daily, comprehension exercises, presentations and writing. For Health professionals most of the role play and writing is work related topics so it makes them easy to understand and be successful in the exam.
What is the duration of the course?
In India it is rune for 2 months . In Australia, the course duration will be 4-8 weeks depending on the student's level of English Language proficiency.
What are the requirement to undertake this course?
The English requirement is IELTS 5.0, or ASLPR LEVEL 2. Otherwise, eligibility is determined by a pre-course internal test and interview. Or the 4 months Intensive course will provide without any IELTS Score.
How do I sign up for OET Courses?
In India it is rune for 2 months . In Australia, the course duration will be 4-8 weeks depending on the student's level of English Language proficiency.
What is the duration of the course?
Applicants need to contact E-LIP Australia via email or fax the application form with their level of English included. If an admission is given, applicants will be enrolled to the closest city where the course is conducted.
Who conducts the tests?
The testing authority is OET Australia. Those who want to sit for the test without the training may contact OETAustralia.
Who is the Course Provider?
E-LIP provides training and coaching for Health Professionals who wish to sit for the OET. At present this training is provided at overseas by E-LIP Australia. Join the providers who are experienced and with skills. Please refer our listing at the OET website as provider.
Who conducts the training of the course?
Experienced teachers and Australian professionals deliver this training and have a high success rate.


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