Nurse Pathways

NURSES to  Australia, NZ, IRELAND with OET. To  UK After CBT

IRELAND & UK only require IELTS  6.5 in Certain Module. OET B and C+ in certain modules. You can Club your last two exams in last six months to have a score of '7' in IELTS or 'B' in OET. Ask for more info by sending an email to

Always look for updated information from the relevant agencies

Australia is a beautiful country with plenty of opportunities for health professionals. All our nurses who arrived through us are having good jobs and are well settled as well. It is a very good and peaceful country to live and give education to your children. Many are coming from other European countries and USA to live here.

First Step :


If you are living in Asia you need to provide the certificate of English language proficiency. This is mandatory. For details on evidence of English Language requirements please visit E-lip Academy's web site or the relevant Nursing Council's site for full details.

1. Occupational English Test (OET) - for Nurses and all health professionals with "B"(in One sitting)or above in all four modules. For IRELAND Tow C+ in certain modules. For UK Writing 6.5.

2. IELTS - Academic score of not less than 7 of the four sections  (will changes from JULY) Other; PTE, TOEFL, ESL. For clubbing method ask for details.

Second Step :


is to get a recommendation from relevant Nursing Board or Council for a Supervisory Practice/Adaptation or Bridging Program.Contact us for immediate letter of offer

Third Step :


is to gain admission in one of the approved providers of bridging course (adaptation course). For UK after CBT in ELIP apply for a sponsor and complete OSCE

Fourth Step :


is to apply for visa for training purposes. It can be a training visa. (provisional Visa for UK)  or a student visa. Please approach our office for details based on your country option.

Fifth Step :


Go to the selected country and complete your course successfully and register as a nurse.

Sixth Step :


is to apply for a visa and register as a nurse then apply for a job or for PR visa.


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