What is E-LIP Academy?

E-LIP Academy stands for ENGLISH LANGUAGE INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM to improve your English and to achieve your level of English to work or study in overseas. E-lip Academy assists potential candidates to have bright future by study or migration. E-LIP is a BPO (Business Process Office) for overseas agencies.
What is the success rate for E-Lip Academy?

As on our 2000-2017 records 99% success rate for admission to overseas Institution and Universities and IELTS, OET and PTE
Most of our students studied in E-LIP are now in Australia or in other countries with E-Lip's assistance.
What are the charges?

It varies course to course and depends on institution and country you are studying.
For more information Please visit study in Australia
Does E-Lip take our passport?

No. E-Lip does not take your passport unless it is for visa evidencing and for processing and verification.
Does ELIP take your original certificates as a security?

No. E-lip does not take your certificates as a Security. It will be viewed for verification purpose only and candidates hold the original all the time unless it is asked by overseas agencies for further verification.
How much time it will take to process my case?

Once you lodge you will receive a letter stating how much time will take or any further requirement is needed. However based on our experience and performance the approximate time frame is as below:
Student e-visa; - after submission is 1-3 months
For Migration it is 4-6 months after lodging
Do I need to use a registered agent?

Yes for your benefit it is highly recommended to use an agent. But it is optional.
Do I have medical benefit when I live in Australia?

For PR holders a Medicare card is given and full medical is provided.
For TR they will be covered under their own insurance policy which is compulsory.
Do I receive any financial support for my Children?

Yes .In addition to child and parental allowance for new born $5000/- cash bonus is given for the first three months. This may be increased or decreased according to the need of population.

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